Source2Soul has an affiliation with Stretch Now suppliers of ergonomic and environmentally conscious products including yoga mats and props.

Yoga Mats

These natural yoga mats are non toxic, eco-friendly and have a strong non slip grip ensuring stablilty while practicing your yoga asanas, perfect for use at home or in your studio.
Stretch Now stock rubber, natural jute and rubber, as well as TPE yoga mats.

Eco Yoga Mat

Stretch Now eco-friendly Earth Yoga Mats are made from a newly developed and patented TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam. These eco yoga mats contain no latex, PVC or rubber and they use no toxic materials in production.

Its patterned soft surface provides superb traction to ensure you are grounded in your postures without slipping.

The closed cell construction of these yoga mats prevents absorption of fluids, making it easy to keep clean. You will love this yoga mat.

Each yoga mat is a different colour on each side, colours can be viewed in the gallery.

4mm thick, weight: 0.8 kg $42.00*
6mm thick, weight: 1.3 kg $55.00*
8mm thick, weight: 1.5 kg $75.00*

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Earth Flow Yoga Mat

This environmentally friendly rubber yoga mat has a highly durable, tactile and natural surface, giving superb grip and cushioning.

  • eco-friendly
  • durable
  • superb grip

4mm thick, weight: 2.2 kg $58.00*

Colours: purple or green

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Earth Fusion Yoga Mat

The Stretch Now Earth Fusion yoga mats have exceptional grip and durability and are made from the union of two sustainable plant materials – natural rubber and jute.

  • eco-friendly
  • superb grip
  • biodegradable

4mm thick, weight: 1.7 kg $72.00*

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