What is Yoga?

 More than ever in the West we are realising the benefits of merging Western science and the invaluable holistic practices of the Eastern Wisdom Traditions.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is now being fully embraced as a practical, non-invasive, cost effective and fun way form of total health maintenance.

The word Yoga translates as ‘Union’ and refers to the relationship between body, mind and spirit. We now understand the relationship between physical fitness, mental wellbeing and finding the passion or joy of living through inner peace and meaningful connection with others.

Benefits of Yoga

When practiced regularly yoga can greatly improve your physical wellbeing both in the short, medium and long term. It yields an instant feel good effect and endorphins are released into the blood stream. Through regular embodied practice we also cultivate:

Strength by building the bodies natural support systems both at an external and internal level leading to increased stamina and  endurance, reduced muscular tension, improved posture, muscle tone and increased capacity to comfortably work with less fatigue and pain.

Flexibility of body and mind leading to less contraction, less fatigue, less pain (typically back, shoulder and neck in seated working environment) resulting in freer movement of the body, increased capacity for creativity and productivity of the mind.

Balance is improved both physically and mentally through highlighting structural misalignments, muscular imbalances, alleviating associated chronic pain and reducing distracting fluctuations of the mind.

As well as the physical practice of yoga asana, yoga also includes yoga philosophy on the art of living, Pranayama (bringing greater awareness and improving breathing for wellness) and guided and mindful meditation practices to promote clarity of thought, focus, concentration and relaxation.

What is SomaChi ®?

Established 1998 in Melbourne Australia by Founder and Director of SomaChi Yoga School, Lianne Metcalf. SomaChi Yoga is a unique style of vinyasa (breath-movement synchronisation) flow yoga, which includes traditional hatha yoga postures with influences of tai chi & martial arts.

SomaChi is a dynamic, fluid practice that stills the busy mind and brings aliveness to the body with a strong traditional lineage.

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